Anita – Girl of the month January 2018

She quicky took my hint that I needed relief and we started with a nice petting and kissing. I had a lot of fun with her breast which are close to perfection. She then went down and gave me a really pasionated DT bbbj. I can feel my penis deep in her throat and it took all my concentration not to blow in her mouth. I asked for a 69 and she obliged with a smile. She tasted awesome and fresh. After a while she turned around and let me tit fuck her which i enjoyed a lot. On with the rubber and we did CG, reverse CG and doggy. I couldnt take it any longer and asked for CIM. She ripped of the condom and took it like a champ while playing with her self. The added bonus was that she came at the same time as i unloaded in her mouth and squirted a bit. Really natural and turned me on even more. She swallowed and laid beside me.

We chatted and she was constantly caressing me till I was hard again. I asked her to bring a toy which we used to give her a nice orgasm. Then she suggested anal which I ofc said yes to. She gave me another DT and then on with the rubber and greek. I pounded her ass for 15 minutes and then like on cue she turned around removed the rubber and took my second shot deep in ner throat.

Round three ended up to be a long bbbj where she gave enough attention to my balls. She stayed down till i released. Before she left we spent some time passionately kissing with tounge but i didn’t have round 4 in me.

I cant wait to meet her again. Anita is the best prague escort!

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Great moment with Prague independent ecort

This is my experience with Prague escort Carolina Aurora.

I was offered to take a shower to freshen up as it had been a hot day. When I entered the bedroom, which has a lovely view over the roofs of Prague, Carolina was already on the bed naked apart from her panties and you get to see her fantastic breasts which are simply divine. I lay on the bed and Carolina took control and got on top of me and started to give me teasing kisses which really got me hard.

After french kissing for a while she gently caressed and kissed my body all the way down. She started to give me an amazing blow job and I was in heaven. She is certainly very good at what she does and she seems to really enjoy it. She certainly knows how to turn a man on and when I was almost coming I had to stop her so she switched to licking my balls. After she had spent a long time pleasuring me I just had to return the favour so she removed her panties to reveal the most gorgeous pussy. She lay on her back and I gently worked my way down her body savouring every moment, first licking and sucking her lovely nipples before reaching her lovely pussy.

I just loved spending time licking and kissing her also playing with her clitoris with my finger as it really turns me on. By now I wanted to enter her in the doggie position so she put on a condom and bent down in front of me allowing me to slowly slide inside her. The view of her bottom is almost too much to take and it’s hard not to come too soon. We then switched positions so she was riding me on top and I could fondle those lovely breasts again. It didn’t take me long to explode with a very vocal orgasm. She said jokingly I was so loud the neighbours might hear! Carolina then cleaned me up and we lay there talking and cuddling till it was time to leave. So I got dressed and after a quick kiss and cuddle I left with a big smile on my face.

Very nice and bouncy breasts!

Sandra Shine is indeed a Playboy model in Czech edition of Playboy. Just google her pictures. Nice looking and always with a smile on her face.

She got down to her underwears rather quickly and started to give me a massage. Wanted to taste her so turned her on her back and went down on her. She said only with extra $. Tried to put a finger in her and was told not to. Gave up and ask her to be on top rubbing her pussy on my cock. At last, she complied. She got wet and my cock almost slipped into her pussy a few times. Turned her on her back and rubbing my cock on her pussy in missionary. Wanted to be inside her so I put on a condom and fucked her deep. After a

After a while, pumped her in doggy. Forgot to mention she put on a few pounds since her Playboy days. That made her ass fuller and bouncy when I thrust into her. Got into a spoon position and pumped her while squeezing her breaths. Very nice and bouncy breasts! Wanted to fuck her harder so pulled her to the edge of the bed and pumped her while standing. Fucked her for over 45 mins and she finally asked me to finish since her pussy was sore. Asked her to climb on top of me and came in this position. Pretty Prague escort girl but not too interested in sex.

Carolina Aurora – Girl of the month September 2017 presents Prague escort girl

Carolina Aurora

Carolina is one of the most sensual Prague independent escort girl. She always enjoys your companion and you will love her attitude. Carolina Aurora is real Czech girl and you can read below, how great she does her job.

She put on some music, a compilation of Rock songs. Not what you’d call romantic but I liked her taste. As I sat down on the bed she pushed me on to my back so I was lying flat. She climbed on top of me and we started to kiss, she started to remove my shirt all the while kissing, licking & nibbling at my ears, neck chest, nipples working all the way down until she had stopped me.

She now removed her black dress over her head to reveal a very sexy black bra, panties. Back to kissing and nibbling at each other for a while and then eventually removed her bra to reveal a pair of beautiful breasts which he immediately offered to my willing mouth to be sucked on. Now she kissed her way down my body as far as my cock, played with, kissed all the way around it and started to lick my balls. It seemed like she was down there for ever. While this was going on I was rubbing the outline of her pussy through the material of her panties. She eventually took the hint and removed them allowing me better access to finger her and get into a 69 and eat her pussy while she rubbered me up and started sucking on my cock.

After ages of eating her she finally flipped around and lowered her pussy onto my by now throwing cock. She rode me hard for what seemed like an eternity of me concentrating on not blowing my load, holding on because this was so good and it was only just getting started. Thankfully i managed to hold on and soon I was fucking her doggie style holding on to her tight ass as I pounded away in ecstasy. Then we switched for a bit of missionary, but it wasn’t long before she was back on top and in control of the pace again.

We must have fucked for well over an hour and by now we were both tired and my cock was beginning to lose some of its sensation. She dismounted, ripped the rubber off and proceeded to give a great handjob. No time to reach for the bottle of lube and spoil the moment, she spat all over my cock everytime it needed lubricating. It might not sound like the most attractive sight, but believe me I don’t think I’ve seen anything as sexy as the sight of this girl spitting on my cock and jacking me off all the background music of Queen’s We will rock you. It wasn’t long till I was cumming hard.

We relaxed for a while, chatted about sex and got in the mood to start allover again from scratch which was as enjoyable, if not more enjoyable than the first time.

Carolina with sensitive nipples

Prague independent escort girl with the cutest cunt you’ll ever see

Carolina is the perfect companion for an evening. Very attractive – just like her photos; intelligent; articulate; sensitive; caring; and a sharp, wicked sense of humour.

Fixing the date took a long time. I go to Prague fairly often, and booked her well ahead of time, but had a trip cancelled so had to postpone. Anyway, we got there, and I arrived outside her apartment on time. She came to the outer door to let me in. We’d settled on a long date with a couple of hours of walking around Prague, chatting first, but the weather didn’t encourage this, so it was straight into her rooms and sitting on the sofa.


She offered water while we talked and got to know each other a little (She’s a total abstainer from alcohol and tobacco). Her face is so expressive I couldn’t look away. Emotions and interests fly across her lovely features. We started kissing gently, then more deeply, and moved to the bedroom. She stripped down to her thong and helped me undress too. We kissed and touched for quite a time. Her breasts are to die for, just a large handful with sensitive nipples, perfect in size and shape for her slim body. She sort if took charge, and over the next 30 minutes we worked our way through to a vigorous 69. She took me out of her mouth before ejaculation, but gently massaged the semen out of me. Cleaned me up afterwards carefully and gently, and then made a cup of tea.

Have I missed anything out? Lots.

The cutest cunt you’ll ever see, sweetly shaped inner labia quickly emerging from their hiding place. Indescribably tasty, feminine and infinitely fuckable.

Long long hair. It was tied back in a ponytail when I arrived but she released it when we were on the bed together.

The testical tongue tickle, a delight for eyes and nerve endings, especially with all that hair hanging down. Very arousing, almost too arousing.

We both like the music of Ray Charles.

The four pet rats – all male – are great, running and hiding in their big cage

The rest is private

I’d love to see her again, if she’d let me 🙂


She wasn’t very tight

When we got up to the room, we started talking for a few minutes and then she excused herself to the bathroom and came out wearing a one piece lingerie. Like I said before, she is really tiny and skinny. Her boobs are almost flat… I can feel it but I didn’t get much out of it 🙁 I also noticed that she had a cold sore, so I didn’t let her kiss me or perform oral on me for obvious reasons.

After I undressed her, I started sucking on her nipples… she started playing with my cock and soon enough, I was hard. I started fingering her… she was too dry though. Too bad the foreplay didn’t last long because we couldn’t do anything else. I stood and put on the condom and started doing her missionary from the edge of the bed. She stopped me before we started saying that she needed some lube… go figure. Anyways, after she put on the lube, we started fucking missionary with me standing and her laying on the edge of the bed. To my surprise, she wasn’t very tight… I thought petite girls were tight but she wasn’t. Probably because of the lube… but she was great… she’s able to take it missionary where I kept going for about 10 minutes before we switched position to her on top. Kept going for about 5 minutes before switching to doggy. Flipped her again to go back to missionary and she asked if I can cum because she’s tired… 🙁 Anyways, I still kept going and after about 5 minutes I came.

It was a good fuck overall… she was petite, good looking, and has the girl next door look. I was expecting more but with the cold sore, I didn’t want to risk it. I would not repeat because just like my last report, Prague has a lot of beautiful escort girls.

Lindsey Vonn nude photos

Leaked nude photos of Lindsey Vonn and her ex-boyfried Tiger woods has been taken down

lindsey vonn naked lindsey vonn

A hacker reportedly broke into Tiger’s phone and gained access to explicit photos of Lindsey.

Pictures of naked Vonn and Woods has been published on the website Celeb Jihad.

Their lawyer Andrew Brettler called for the hackers to be prosecuted.

“The hackers responsible for these despicable invasions of privacy should be prosecuted, and the websites that post the stolen photographs and videos should be held accountable, too, because they provide a platform for these lowlifes to showcase their ‘work,’” he said.

Finger her in a doggy position

Prague escort Laura


When I first saw her, I thought wow, she looks like a model! Look at her! She’s very pretty and tall. All the right proportions… she also speaks very good English. I met her in the lobby and we went directly to my room… I booked her for 2 hours and we started the date with a little talk. She’s a very good conversationalist and has very interesting topics to talk about. After about 15 minutes, she excused herself to the bathroom. She took a shower and then came out about 10 minutes later wearing nothing but a towel…

She sat next to me on the bed and started to uncover herself with the towel and then went on to sit on my lap. We started kissing… tongue in the mouth… and then she started to undress me and gave me a blow job with no condom. After I got wood, it was time to fuck! We tried with missionary where she spread her legs wide open and then put them on my shoulders… it was hot! I stopped for a bit because I was going to cum… and then I started to finger her in a doggy position. She was very wet and she let me finger her for a while. I started to bang her from behind and then we switched back to missionary and I came.

Overall, it was a good experience. I think she looked very good but her body isn’t very in shape. She would look a lot better if she were a bit toned. Boobs are C cup but they’re more saggy and perky. Nice shaved pussy too.

I probably won’t repeat. Not because she’s not hot but because there are so many options in Prague.


“You are beautiful!”

Beautiful Prague escort with great oral

I couldn’t help but tell her several times, “You are beautiful!” In addition to that, the service was also exquisite. She met me with a deep french kiss. I was still thrown off, because so often the pics are doctored. Definitely not the case here. She has incredibly soft skin and is as fit as she looks. She was very easy to converse with and I immediately felt comfortable in her presence.

Oh what a presence it was. We quickly got naked and I immediately positioned her on the side of the bed so I could dive right into that lovely pussy with my tongue. She was very receptive and responsive to my tongue probing. I could dine at the Y all night, but after getting some great vocal response from her, she was ready to reciprocate. She is quite orally gifted and I was in heaven as she licked my shaft and swallowed my dick in a manner that let me know she loved what she does.

There is nothing like having an absolutely gorgeous escort girl devour your bare cock while she looks into your eyes. After enjoying her expert attention for quite some time, I asked her to to lie on her back with her face up on the edge of the bed so I could face fuck her. This was another level of ecstasy.
She had told me during our early conversation that she really enjoys doggie (I think that is the favorite of most providers). She put on a cover and I eagerly gave her what she wanted. All the time I am fucking this Prague escort girl I keep thinking (and saying) how beautiful she is. Needless to say, I finished quickly and then we just lie beside each other and cuddled. She did not seem in any big hurry and I enjoyed our further conversation while stroking that beautiful body.

Definitely a repeat if our schedules align. She was awesome.

Sucking toes

Sucking toes with Viki


Met her at the appointed time in the middle of January. Viki is a very nice looking girl. As soon as she entered the room she started kissing me which then led to intense DFK and feeling each other with our clothes on. After about 5 minutes of this, she asked for the money. I gave her what have we agreed.

We started kissing again and she started removing my clothes one by one. I returned her the favour. She took me to the shower to wash me up and then we came back to the bed. The experience with Viki was similar to the famous oral skills I ever tried. She knows how to use her tongue and mouth. Viki started by inserting her tongue in my ear and then moving down to my arm pits followed by nibbling of the nipples. She then moved down to the navel and the balls and inner groin. All the while she was using her tongue and mouth to create a sensuous feeling. Then she went down the legs to the toes and the sole of the foot. She started sucking each of the toes, worked on the sole and started pressing my sole on her boobs creating a great feeling. After this, she did an awesome rimming of the ass hole.

Then she got to the BBBJ, a nice and slurpy one. The girl has some skills. I then feasted on her boobs and we interspersed with DFKs while fingering her all the time. After about 40 minute s of foreplay, we got to do the deed. She came on top of me and she was like a tigress. I normally like to try a couple of different positions. But with her, while riding me she did some intense contractions of her vaginal muscle. I could not take it any longer and exploded in her. Overall a very satisfying experience.

To summarize, Viki is a beauty Prague escort girl and she has skills that she uses to give an awesome GFE service.

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