Very nice and bouncy breasts!

Sandra Shine is indeed a Playboy model in Czech edition of Playboy. Just google her pictures. Nice looking and always with a smile on her face.

She got down to her underwears rather quickly and started to give me a massage. Wanted to taste her so turned her on her back and went down on her. She said only with extra $. Tried to put a finger in her and was told not to. Gave up and ask her to be on top rubbing her pussy on my cock. At last, she complied. She got wet and my cock almost slipped into her pussy a few times. Turned her on her back and rubbing my cock on her pussy in missionary. Wanted to be inside her so I put on a condom and fucked her deep. After a

After a while, pumped her in doggy. Forgot to mention she put on a few pounds since her Playboy days. That made her ass fuller and bouncy when I thrust into her. Got into a spoon position and pumped her while squeezing her breaths. Very nice and bouncy breasts! Wanted to fuck her harder so pulled her to the edge of the bed and pumped her while standing. Fucked her for over 45 mins and she finally asked me to finish since her pussy was sore. Asked her to climb on top of me and came in this position. Pretty Prague escort girl but not too interested in sex.

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