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I recently spent the whole week in Prague. I had dedicated few hours for some nice company. Someone I could experience some new things with. So I had booked the infamous Prague escort Julia for a three-hour meeting well ahead of time. But unfortunately, she cancelled 2 days before our time. She offered to send her blonde friend Jenna, and I accepted.

The woman who showed up was exactly like the pictures, in my mind she looked even better than on the pictures. I had the impression from the pictures that she had more meat on her bones, but in reality, she was slim but curvy, long blond hair and a nice smile.

She advertises that she is 23 but told me she is 26. But she is a very hot 26. She enjoys sex and fucked and sucked me with passion and intensity for almost three hours. On her shapely, feminine legs and ass I could look at them all day. She kisses with passion and gives a great blow job with good technique and without the condom. The shagging was a bit cold and awkward at the start but I was having one of those nights where I was finding it difficult to come. We fucked long and harder and she got into it, becoming really enthusiastic and fucking me hard right back in several positions. I fucked her quite hard I nearly passed out at one point and she took everything with enthusiasm. Bizarrely she doesn’t like her nipples touched but otherwise, she is an excellent full-service choice.

We chatted afterwards about travels and that we might arrange something on my next trip, I really enjoyed our conversation. All in all, it was a great time with her for a reasonable donation and nice memories.

Prague escort Rebeka – great experience


This is my story with Prague escort Rebeka. Blonde petite experienced girl from Prague.

We started off with a little conversation, then she excused herself to the bathroom and came out wearing a sexy red lingerie set. She asked me to lay down and pulled my clothes off in the process. She started off with a very succulent BBBJ which was top notch. I asked her if could eat her pussy and she happily agreed. She tasted great and was very juicy and responsive. We quickly worked our way into a 69 position for a while, she quivered when I worked my tongue up to her asshole until she applied the cover and turned around to ride me. Rebeka slowly stroked my cock into her pussy due to her tightness, which was ungodly good. Greek was offered, but I passed on the first visit. She clearly enjoys her job and lets you know it, she was bouncing on me for a long time until I requested doggy. Her cute little sexy ass in the air looked so amazing and felt even better as slid in and out of her juicy pussy. This independent escort girl is very skilled, she was able to make me cum as she was throwing her ass back on my cock. The squishy sound from her pussy was just too much to handle mixed with that grip she has. I encourage everyone to see this girl, she is a true 5-star Prague escort provider. Would REPEAT as much as I can.

Prague escort Rebeka

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Types of escort girls in Prague

Interesting chart about girls doing escort services in Prague

Prague – the capital city of the Czech Republic. Hearth of Europe. City of 100 spires.
Beautiful city full of historical buildings is famous for nightlife. There are hundreds of music clubs, bars, restaurants, pubs, cabarets, strip clubs, etc.
Thousand young people visit Prague every year because of it. Becaus of these “sex, drugs and rock&roll” nights.

There are around 1000 girls in Prague, which are willing to spend time with you for money.
It’s easy to call escort girl and date her for one hour, all night long, two days or just for a full week.

What you have to do is, pick up your favourite girl in Prague escort girl directory, like
Call her. Arrange time and place of meeting. Pay her money. And let’s get party started…

Do you like brunettes or blondies? Big or small tits? Teens or MILFs?

See this charts of call girls types in Prague.


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Megan Preston – Girl of the month July 2017 presents Prague escort girl


Megan Preston

Megan is 18 years old girl from Prague. 164 cm tall babe originally from Eastern Europe. She has long straight brown hair and deep brown eyes. She loves dancing as well as fashion or fitness. She also loves adventure, so you can take her wherever you want in Europe.

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Here you can read one of Megan’s review:

Megan arrived looking cuter than her pics which aroused me from the start. After settling up she undressed to her lingerie and have me a long DFK. In less than a minute my unit was in her mouth for a great BBBJ while I was still standing half clothed. She got me undressed and eager to get the condom on but I slowed her down a bit and asked for a longer BBBJ service. I had two hours which in eastern Europe usually means two shots so I was able to take my time. English was slid and she understood what I requested. She took me in incredibly deep and fondled my balls until I was ready to cum. The load was large and she had to spit it out which was ok. We talked a bit and she got fully undressed and have a solid message. She was small in the best but super perky and she rubbed them up and down my body. I was ready to go and she put on the hat and we started in doggie and flipped back and forth several times until I came in the bag. She relaxed with me until the time was up and we talked until she left. Overall very nice young girl.


Interview with Czech pornstar Lucie Theodorova

lucie_theodorova_lucky_in_red_02_SY9Tqtb.sizedLucie Theodorova is famous pornstar from Czech Republic and these days, she is offering escort services in Prague as an independent escort girl.
34 years old beauty still looks hot and she is real professional Prague escort.

Lucky published the interview on her official website and you can read it thru right here:

How did your family – parents and brother react to your porn star career?
My parents were always supportive of me and my (even crazy and unexpected) decisions. They were not all that happy about my choice in this case but they would never stop me from doing what I wanted, they knew better.

My brother is a phlegmatic type of guy and is happy when I am happy. He is great!

You won an important award for a porn actress. Were your parents proud?
Everybody thought it’s just a bit of fun, a bit of rebellion, even. Nobody expected that I can build any type of career, so they were surprised and even a tiny bit proud.But at first, I did not tell them about this nomination. I went to the award ceremony only as a special guest.

Does your family know about your work now?
Yes, they do. There is no reason to lie. I am not ashamed of what I do and I do not have a habit to lie to my family. My mom is sadly not alive any-more. My dad and my brother are my best friends and I can tell them anything!I can even tell them stories with my clients.

What would you do if your daughter (if you will ever have one) would make the very same career choices as you?
I am not ashamed of my choices but I would still try to explain her that there are other, better careers out there. Not that I regret any of my choices and experiences but I can understand that my past made many moments in my life more difficult.So I would explain to her how her choices could complicate her life and how her choices could shape a wrong image in many peoples eyes.

What kind of tricks did you use when shooting your movies not to get pregnant?

Have you worked on movies that you really enjoyed or really hated?
As in any work – you have got better and worse days. Sometimes you enjoy getting up and really looking forward to work and sometimes you just can’t be bothered 😉

Is it possible to enjoy sex during a movie shoot?
Usually yes. During working as porn actress I was single. So all the sex in my life was just in my work, so most of the time, I was really enjoying my self. It is same now! I am single so I always look forward to good sex.

Did you like shooting movies with other girls? Did you ever enjoy sex with another woman?
I always heard that every woman fancies other women. And I can only confirm that! I loved sex with another woman and many times that sex with ladies was much better and pleasurable than with men. I still love work with women and I love to meet couples. My secret dirty dream is to have sex with 100% lesbian, someone who can really let go, enjoy my touches and touch me without any shame or restrictions.

Have you ever considered going back to porn business and working in the production or as a scout for new faces?
I am in the erotic business for many years and I tried many different jobs – dancer, actress, courtesan…but soon I would like to leave this business for good.

Do you think there is still money in porn business with all the free porn movies on-line?
I honestly do not know as after leaving porn business I am not in touch with this business at all so I cannot give you not even an educated guess. But I believe that the business is much tougher than when I used to be active.

Do you think you will ever find a partner that will understand and accept your past and your unusual career choices?
I truly believe that there is a man out there who will get me! When I find him I will stop my work and I will start to live like a proper housewife and I can hardly wait!

Will you tell your children about your careers?
Difficult to say, I think it will depend on the given situation if I would tell my hypothetical child/children. But if my experiences could help them or teach them some important lesson, I would tell them for sure.

If you would get an offer to play in a new porn movie would you consider it at all? If yes, what should the movies be about?
I am out of the porn business for a good 6 years and I do not have any desire to return. It was a great experience and it happened in the right moment in my life but I moved on.

Who is your ideal partner?
An interesting, happy, tolerant man that will love me for me. I believe my intuition will help me recognise him.


Miss Claudia – call girl from Prague privat

Let me tell you my experince with Claudia. Prague escort girl from Prague privat.

Somehow it was the day that Miss Claudia was free. I was curious about the oral star who could make a guy three times an hour, so I ordered and went out.

Everything kicked in and Claudia is welcoming me in the former Sexy Dolls. Welcome to the room, I only take an hour in the base for 1500, even though the offer is wide, including anal and swallowing, but she wants a surcharge for everything, and I would have left four. I waited a while for the bathroom, then the shower, then waiting for the lady, I was getting pretty bored. Eventually, Claudia comes to his clothes and lying to me. It’s pretty nice, so if it was not the dark they had it. As shown in the pictures, it is a bit stark, but not fat, good breasts, nice to the touch, normal young girl.

Her dress goes down, I’m a little cuddly and I’m already tasting a lady. It was good, clean, no theater was performing, and the most interesting thing was watching me. Then the role change, the smoke with, the normal, the ball does not notice, I do not know how anyone could evaluate it as exclusive. But look at her is nice, and my fingers are allowed in. We go to sex, the girl is willing, hard-working, does not hinder anything, it is not detached. Several positions are outlined, I do not even know why, but I was quite excited. Handy, above all, it’s up to me, so I’m telling you let’s end up behind.

I was beautiful on her cheeks and got a taste of it, let me put it on my butt, so I’m wondering if I can, but I’m told that the splash anywhere outside of the rubber is 500. That’s a horror, for every shit a surcharge! So good, I end up with a hard hit in her, that is, in a rubber. Then only the final cleansing, the farewell and the home.
Claudie is a normal lady outside Prague, we did not talk much about it, but she seems to be in the mood. I got a nice joke with a young girl, but it’s not a repeat. Except for those terrible surcharges, you can definitely recommend the exam.

Bachelor party with escort girls in Prague

It’s cool nightlife in Prague


I would like to tell you about my amazing experience with escort service for my friend´s bachelor party.  We were group of seven guys and we were living in the city centre. Our apartment was located on Wenceslas square.

We came on friday and first night I started to find some call girls, who would like to come to our apartment for some striptease and if it all goes well, also for something more. I choose some girls from Praguestardate escort agency and call them. We set up the meeting with three girls on saturday evening at 10 pm.

They were on time and they were very good looking. We gave them envelope with money and they prepared in the bathroom. Then the striptease started….they were absolutelly brilliant! Two of them stayed with us till the morning and night was excelent too. I will definitely call them when i am in Prague again! I recommend Praguestardate!


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