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Carolina Aurora

Carolina is one of the most sensual Prague independent escort girl. She always enjoys your companion and you will love her attitude. Carolina Aurora is real Czech girl and you can read below, how great she does her job.

She put on some music, a compilation of Rock songs. Not what you’d call romantic but I liked her taste. As I sat down on the bed she pushed me on to my back so I was lying flat. She climbed on top of me and we started to kiss, she started to remove my shirt all the while kissing, licking & nibbling at my ears, neck chest, nipples working all the way down until she had stopped me.

She now removed her black dress over her head to reveal a very sexy black bra, panties. Back to kissing and nibbling at each other for a while and then eventually removed her bra to reveal a pair of beautiful breasts which he immediately offered to my willing mouth to be sucked on. Now she kissed her way down my body as far as my cock, played with, kissed all the way around it and started to lick my balls. It seemed like she was down there for ever. While this was going on I was rubbing the outline of her pussy through the material of her panties. She eventually took the hint and removed them allowing me better access to finger her and get into a 69 and eat her pussy while she rubbered me up and started sucking on my cock.

After ages of eating her she finally flipped around and lowered her pussy onto my by now throwing cock. She rode me hard for what seemed like an eternity of me concentrating on not blowing my load, holding on because this was so good and it was only just getting started. Thankfully i managed to hold on and soon I was fucking her doggie style holding on to her tight ass as I pounded away in ecstasy. Then we switched for a bit of missionary, but it wasn’t long before she was back on top and in control of the pace again.

We must have fucked for well over an hour and by now we were both tired and my cock was beginning to lose some of its sensation. She dismounted, ripped the rubber off and proceeded to give a great handjob. No time to reach for the bottle of lube and spoil the moment, she spat all over my cock everytime it needed lubricating. It might not sound like the most attractive sight, but believe me I don’t think I’ve seen anything as sexy as the sight of this girl spitting on my cock and jacking me off all the background music of Queen’s We will rock you. It wasn’t long till I was cumming hard.

We relaxed for a while, chatted about sex and got in the mood to start allover again from scratch which was as enjoyable, if not more enjoyable than the first time.

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