Carolina with sensitive nipples

Prague independent escort girl with the cutest cunt you’ll ever see

Carolina is the perfect companion for an evening. Very attractive – just like her photos; intelligent; articulate; sensitive; caring; and a sharp, wicked sense of humour.

Fixing the date took a long time. I go to Prague fairly often, and booked her well ahead of time, but had a trip cancelled so had to postpone. Anyway, we got there, and I arrived outside her apartment on time. She came to the outer door to let me in. We’d settled on a long date with a couple of hours of walking around Prague, chatting first, but the weather didn’t encourage this, so it was straight into her rooms and sitting on the sofa.


She offered water while we talked and got to know each other a little (She’s a total abstainer from alcohol and tobacco). Her face is so expressive I couldn’t look away. Emotions and interests fly across her lovely features. We started kissing gently, then more deeply, and moved to the bedroom. She stripped down to her thong and helped me undress too. We kissed and touched for quite a time. Her breasts are to die for, just a large handful with sensitive nipples, perfect in size and shape for her slim body. She sort if took charge, and over the next 30 minutes we worked our way through to a vigorous 69. She took me out of her mouth before ejaculation, but gently massaged the semen out of me. Cleaned me up afterwards carefully and gently, and then made a cup of tea.

Have I missed anything out? Lots.

The cutest cunt you’ll ever see, sweetly shaped inner labia quickly emerging from their hiding place. Indescribably tasty, feminine and infinitely fuckable.

Long long hair. It was tied back in a ponytail when I arrived but she released it when we were on the bed together.

The testical tongue tickle, a delight for eyes and nerve endings, especially with all that hair hanging down. Very arousing, almost too arousing.

We both like the music of Ray Charles.

The four pet rats – all male – are great, running and hiding in their big cage

The rest is private

I’d love to see her again, if she’d let me 🙂


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